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ZIMPERTEC Iluminación interior LED Lamp: SFL 90 Lm/W. 12 V 2 - 7W


  • 90lm/W High efficiency LED Lamp
  • 12VDC LED driver
  • Over temperature protection dimming
  • High quality die cast Lamp shade/Heat Sink
  • LED life time 50,000 h

SFL series lamps are high lumen output, long life, reliable lamps for indoor lighting applications. Due to their advanced and unique over temperature protection, SFL series lamps can withstand extreme conditions. Using high frequency switching LED driver technology with no electrolytic capacitors, Zimpertec lamps provide excellent performance in light efficiency, lifetime and reliability. The unique heat sink design with no fins or gaps avoids any insects or dust blocking the heat dissipation, further improving SFL performance and reliability.

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